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How we Work


Quality Control


At Tristar Dental Lab, we have a very strict quality control. Every case is constantly checked by supervising technicians on each step of the production, in order to avoid mistakes from the very beginning. Once a case is finished, it is carefully checked in our quality control department and later it is sterilized and packed.

We thrive on our doctor’s opinions; this is why it is very important that you send back the quality control sheet that comes with every case you receive. It is attached to your invoice.

Sterilization Control

All of our cases go through a sterilization process before being packed and shipped to our dentists. We protect your health and your patients’.

We use a powerful sterilization agent approved by OSHA called CaviCide®. It is a tuberculocidal disinfectant, registered by the EPA, that is highly effective and has minimal toxicity.


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