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Tristar Dental Laboratory will issue a warranty certificate for 5 years under the patient’s name, on all PFM crowns and bridges made with precious, semi-precious and non-precious alloys that can be claimed through any dentist in the US, Canada and Mexico.

We issue a written warranty for 5 years for fractures and shade changes on the porcelain on crowns and bridges of porcelain fused to metal (non-precious, semi-precious and precious alloys).
On full cast crowns, bridges, posts and inlays (non-precious, semi-precious or precious alloys) Tristar Dental Laboratory does not issue a warranty, but does deliver a composition certificate by the metal manufacturer, that is in turn a certificate of authenticity and composition backed up by the ADA.
In more specialized restorations such as full porcelain and resin crowns, bridges, jackets or inlays, Tristar Dental Laboratory does not issue a warranty, because these delicate restorations are very prone to break in the dentist’s office.
All the metal free restorations with Allumina or Zirconia base, fabricated with CAD-CAM technology come with a 5 year warranty covering porcelain fractures and shade changes.
In combined removables,

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