Tristar was started in August, 1987 by three experienced dental technicians and a group of successful businessmen who were convinced that the production of dental restorations could benefit from applying sound proven business and production practices. This would result in products and services that represented indisputable value to dentists.

Surveys have indicated that dentists rank their criteria for choosing and staying with a lab as follows:

1. Consistent quality
2. On time delivery
3. Courteous, attentive customer support
4. Price

We’ve implemented sound business and production practices, such as adhering to procedures, reducing lost time and balancing flow in production lines. We compare daily statistics, use state of the art equipment, and have a continuous training program. This has resulted in high quality affordable dental restorations.

Today, with 100 technicians certified by PTC (Productivity Training Corporation),and two CDT’s, we are happy and proud to be one of the most successful labs in the world serving the needs of over 400 dentists.