Pack and Ship

When you send us your cases, it is important that you pack them using filling and protective materials to avoid any damage that could distort or delay your cases.

In order to receive your cases in optimal conditions, we recommend following the suggestions in the packing guide below.

Packing Guide

1.- Select the packing materials such as boxes, hermetic bags, packing foam or paper and rubber bands and place them next to the items you need to send such as the prescription form, shade tabs, impressions and bite registrations..


2.- Always pack the impressions separately in hermetic bags, to prevent any contamination. If you are sending models, make sure to wrap them in protective foam or paper and fill the empty spaces in the box so the contents do not shift during the transportation.


3.- Fill all the technical and identification data in the prescription form with clear handwriting and put it in the box. If you do not have a prescription form, you can download it from this page by clicking “Prescription Form”, and filling all the fields on your screen before printing it.

Download prescription form vineta pdf

4.- It is possible to include more than one case per box by separating them in different bags. To finish, close the box with adhesive tape and ship it.


5.- You can track your cases through the shipping company`s web page.

Remakes and Repairs

In case there is a need for a remake or a repair, you must send back the models and previous restorations, along with the reason for this return, clearly specified on the prescription form, so we can review it.