Tristar is a well known lab because it has the latest technology, equipment and materials to fabricate excellent dental restorations.

All the products we offer are carefully selected and researched to make sure that they have a positive clinical history. Once we select the product, the technicians in charge of the process get the proper training and certifications so that the dentists get all the benefits of a high tech restoration.

Among the high tech equipment we have, the Nobilium casting machine is worth mentioning because it casts by electric induction, resulting in consistent castings that have a perfect fit.

Another noteworthy piece of equipment would be the vacuum photo polymerizing machine from Bisco which results in bubble free composite resins and therefore highly resistant to fractures and have excellent esthetics. The high tech restorations we have are zirconia substructures made with the Lava system from 3M and Procera from Nobel Biocare.We also make IPS e.max, Captek, Bio 2000, Ceramage, Tescera and Radica among others. For more details, please look in the products section of this web page.

Technician Certification

At Tristar Dental Laboratory, we are proud of having selected, trained and certified all of our technicians in our own school through the PTC system (Productivity Training Corporation), which is the most complete, rigorous and thorough way of training and certifying dental technicians on the various fabrication processes dental restorations. Additionally we have two full time CDTs.

Computer systems

We use DL Plus software from Jenmar that allows us to invoice, control production, get statistics and keep records. Having lots of detailed information on each of our doctors and technicians, lets us identify problems and give individual and specific solutions for each and every one of our dentists.