Tristar Dental Laboratory will issue a warranty certificate for 5 years under the patient’s name, on all PFM crowns and bridges made with precious, semi-precious and non-precious alloys that can be claimed through any dentist in the US, Canada and Mexico.

1.-We issue a written warranty for 5 years for fractures and shade changes on the porcelain on crowns and bridges of porcelain fused to metal (non-precious, semi-precious and precious alloys).

2.-On full cast crowns, bridges, posts and inlays (non-precious, semi-precious or precious alloys) Tristar Dental Laboratory does not issue a warranty, but does deliver a composition certificate by the metal manufacturer, that is in turn a certificate of authenticity and composition backed up by the ADA.

3.-In more specialized restorations such as full porcelain and resin crowns, bridges, jackets or inlays, Tristar Dental Laboratory does not issue a warranty, because these delicate restorations are very prone to break in the dentist’s office.

4.-All the metal free restorations with Allumina or Zirconia base, fabricated with CAD-CAM technology come with a 5 year warranty covering porcelain fractures and shade changes.

5.-In combined removables,