Delivery times

Tristar requires 10 working days in the laboratory to process your case of up to 6 units. For more details consult your advisor or the monthly calendar.

The dates of delivery of the calendar begin to count from the day of its sending. If the case is stopped due to lack of data in the recipe, impressions or incorrect or defective models, the days lost due to this situation will be added.

All cases are marked with a number that is unique for processing, you can refer this number to the counselor for any questions or details about the case.

Select the shipping date in the next calendar and the delivery date will be displayed




Urgent cases

With prior authorization from your consultant in the laboratory, we are committed to preparing your URGENT cases of up to 4 units in 48 hours. The additional cost per unit will be 50% of the list price.

Additional Resolutions

The cases of double or triple process require additional time in the laboratory for each of their processes based on each type of product.

This calendar is valid for up to 6 units to finished, in case of 7 or more please add 2 working days to the delivery date.

In cases of 11 or more units, implants or removable adaptations, additional time will be needed depending on the complexity of the case.

3M LAVA will take 3 business days in addition to the delivery date.

Procera CAD-CAM will take 6 business days in addition to the delivery date.

Any detail will be resolved by your advisor in the laboratory.